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Why rent your property with Holihouse?

Holihouse, working with over 15 online rental platforms, can secure and increase your revenue through short-term rentals, fully undertaking booking and handling with thousands of visitors looking for spaces to rent all over Greece, like yours. All you have to do is welcome the guests and get paid!

The property remains yours

With Holihouse, you have full control over the availability, pricing, and rules of your home. You can set arrival times and organize the procedure as you like, while we advise you and guide along every step. After the registration process is completed, our team is working continuously for optimal property management, and provides you with a significant additional income without any trouble on your part.

We are your collaborators

Holihouse features tools, everyday an service line and a team of experienced professionals who ensure the maximum performance of your property throughout the year. Registration to our service is completely free of charge, and once completed, we offer you a free professional photoshoot of your property. Our services are charged only with a percentage of the revenue we create for you, so our interest is your biggest profit, and you have nothing to lose!


Sign up for Holihouse

Contact us. Describe your space, how many guests you can host, while you can also send us some explicative photos of the space. We will let you know about the dynamics of the property, we will discuss it, and we can immediately complete your registration.


Host visitors

Holihouse will keep you up-to-date on bookings, calendar and profits of your property. Most owners clean the premises that guests use and provide the basics, such as clean sheets, towels and toilet paper. You can personally welcome guests and give them the key or use one of the Holihouse’s remote reception options, such as a lockbox with a password, which will be given to your confirmed guests.


Get paid

Thanks to Holihouse’s secure payment system, you will never have to deal directly with receiving money. Guests are charged before arrival and you are paid directly after their departure, with your net income, in whatever way you prefer.

Host Guarantee

In the rare case of damage, the property of any Holihouse host may be covered by the warranty of the online platform. Feel safe and sure with no extra charge.

Selection of Reliable Visitors

Under no circumstances do we accept reservations from people who are likely to cause problems or damages. Through the discussion with potential guests about the details of each reservation and we evaluate their credibility.

The Holihouse is based on credibility

All Holihouse visitors are required to verify their identity. At the same time Holihouse guarantees the instant and reliable payment of your booking revenue, in the payment option that you prefer.

Holihouse Business

Management of professional accommodation

Holihouse provides the tools and services to increase the occupancy rate and revenue of your business!
We manage online bookings and secure your payments while you are free to concentrate on hosting. At the same time, you are always able to make your own bookings so that, our cooperation can only earn you extra reservations without losing any of the money you have already made.

We provide and handle all your reservation management tools so you have unlimited possibilities to analyze your bookings and modify your pricing. Contact us directly for all the details and together we can create a package of services tailored to your business needs.